We are Coast

President: Ben Spackman

Vice Presidents: Ian Jeffery (Snr) Ken Dyer (Jnr)

Treasurer: Jo Jennings

Election of Life Members:    Terry Rule, Kieran Hammond

Election of Patron or Patrons: Brian Gee

Election of Judiciary Committees: Megan Kirby, Ian Jeffery, Aaron Tomlinson, Belinda Hill, Kieran Hammond

Election of Management Committee: Jason Corbett, Matthew Coombe, Jody Jones, Kylie Morrison, Dianne Connolly, Paul Montgomery

Election of Representative Committee: Kylie Morrison, Kieran Hammond

Election of Public Officer: Jo Jennings

Election of Delegates to the Central Coast Division General Committee: Ken Dyer

Election of Delegates to CRL: Terry Rule 

Election of Delegate to CCRLRA: Ken Dyer

Election of Delegate to the Regional Committee: Terry Rule

Election of Delegate for Division Time Keeper: Diane Connolly